Aveiro Tech Week: technology, culture, and art in investment in the future


Technology, culture, and art are back in Aveiro with the sixth Aveiro Tech Week, an initiative that will enliven the city with a program of diverse activities between October 11th and 17th. Once again, Altice Portugal, through Altice Labs, is the main sponsor of this initiative, guaranteeing Wi-Fi communications for the event and showing various projects.

In a clear commitment to the future and innovation, the City Council of Aveiro (CMA) proposes a week including the events Techdays Aveiro, Criatech, and Prisma/Art Light Tech, which challenge visitors to experience technology, art, and culture through exhibitions, light and sound art installations, performances, conferences, laboratories, and other experiences. There is unlimited entry for one week and it is aimed at the community, with the stamp of the Aveiro 2027 project - Candidate City for European Capital of Culture and the Aveiro Tech City initiative.

During the week, there will be short and longer workshops with a live broadcast, dedicated to different themes: Creativity and Innovation, Urban Laboratories, Employment and Training, and Active Citizenship.

Opening session

The Executive President of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca was present at the opening session of Aveiro Tech Week 2021, joining the Mayor of Aveiro, José Ribau Esteves, the Vice-Rector of the University of Aveiro, Artur Silva, and the Member of the European Parliament José Manuel Fernandes, among other guests, sponsors, and artists.

The session began with a visit to some of Aveiro Tech Week's technological and artistic installations throughout the city, followed by the inauguration of Hub Tech City and ending in the auditorium of Teatro Aveirense.

Alexandre Fonseca is proud to be part of this initiative that highlights innovation, one of the company's strategic pillars. "I consider Aveiro to be the capital of technology and communications and it is with great pleasure that we are here at an event that has promoted innovation, and which has been a springboard for the creation of value, wealth, and the generation of talent".

Altice Portugal's connection to the city of ‘moliceiros’ (collectors of a variety of algae) follows a 70-year tradition, which is why in 2016 the company decided to create and install Altice Labs in this municipality. Today, there is a “decisive triangle – with the City Council of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro – for the export of technology made in Portugal, which shows the competence and capacity of Portuguese engineering,” underlines Alexandre Fonseca.

The Executive President of Altice Portugal also made a point of praising the fundamental role of the telecommunications sector in the strategic development of a modern economy and society, noting that the company has “been, year after year, the entity that invests the most in innovation in Portugal”, and, for that reason, calls for “more respect for private operators, and for those who invest in our economy”.

The deputy of the European Parliament, José Manuel Fernandes agreed with the thoughts of the Executive President of Altice Portugal and during his speech said: “I maintain that we need the State, but that we also need private initiatives. And we cannot be afraid of the words competitiveness, rigor, and territorial, economic and social cohesion, and we have to know what we want. And one thing I know: we Portuguese are capable, and we have excellent universities, companies, and mayors.”

During the opening session, there was praise for Aveiro, the city that has shown itself to be increasingly technological. “It is a pleasure to participate this week, to see the evolution of the city and how it is becoming more and more technological and better serving its population and visitors. We are heading towards an increasingly innovative city,” said the Vice-Rector of the University of Aveiro, Artur Silva.

José Ribau Esteves, Mayor of Aveiro, explained that Aveiro Tech Week aims to reinforce "what we are in terms of history and ancient heritage", based on four key references that are also inherent in the city's bid for European Capital of Culture 2027: culture, environment, technology, and the soul of Aveiro.

Ribau Esteves reinforced the fact that to carry out this initiative, the role of the partners involved is fundamental. “The Aveiro Tech Week is a construction of multiple partners. There is a partnership of institutions, as well as a mixture of knowledge, skills, investments, and risks taken by public and private entities. Only in this way can we experience this sectorial environment so rich in innovation and evolution, for which we have been fighting every day and every year of this project".

Having also stated: "Altice Portugal and Altice Lab s have a very special place in Aveiro. More than the main sponsor, they are very important partners in many of the projects we develop".

Aveiro Tech Week 2021: The Altice Labs projects

Among the various projects developed by Altice Labs and presented at Aveiro Tech Week 2021, SmartPort stands out, which consists of massive sensing of port activity: collection, processing, visualization, and application of intelligence on data, creating conditions for improvement and continuous automation of port processes, and Glaucoma Diagnosis Automation, that is, the use of processes based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that facilitate the automatic location and classification of pathological characteristics of eye diseases, helping ophthalmologists in the diagnosis and treatment.