Altice Portugal joins the PRO_MOV program

PRO_MOV - Reskilling 4 Employment is a European-wide initiative that aims to retrain one million unemployed people, in at-risk professions or with qualifications that do not meet the current needs of the labor market by 2025.

The strong technological development of recent years has demanded new needs from the labor market and, consequently, the requalification of the population's skills. PRO_MOV arises from this challenge, and in Portugal, where the program started in December 2021, the goal will be to reach 25,000 Portuguese citizens, launch 30 courses and open 600 classes, in different areas of activity and regions of the country.

Among the priority areas of action are professions linked to industry, digital, the green economy, trade, and health. Of the range of public and private companies that promote the program, the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and Altice Portugal, in particular, which supports the Software Developer course, stand out.

This course has a duration of 7 months (four months of theoretical-practical training and three months of internship). In addition to guaranteeing a unique specialization opportunity, the subsidized Software Developer training ensures high employability in the sector and a paid internship in recognized companies in the sector. In Lisbon, the course has been running since the 5th of December. In Porto, it will start on February 23 next year.​