Web Summit: Altice Portugal prepared to support more than 150 thousand devices

The numbers are, once again, impressive. After the success of previous editions, which showed flawless performance of the event's communication networks and historical values in terms of traffic, Altice Portugal is once again returning to Web Summit as the event's technological partner.

The history of the Web Summit in Lisbon includes the more than 288 Terabytes of traffic generated and the more than 51 thousand unique devices connected per day, registered throughout its five editions (not counting 2020, given the online format of the event). Values that demonstrate the quality and resilience of Altice Portugal's infrastructures, the experience, and know-how acquired in major national events, as well as the work developed by the company in promoting innovation and national talent.

Altice Portugal prepared to make history

Altice Portugal has equipped the venues where the Web Summit is being held (Altice Arena and FIL) with full fixed, mobile, and Wi-Fi high-density network coverage, appropriate to the level of demand and international dimension of the event, which this year expects over 70 thousand participants. For the first time, the entire venue will be covered with 5G, providing even faster coverage, with lower latency in communications and more robust mobile networks. Remember that the 2019 edition of the Web Summit was marked by the first 5G video call in Portugal and saw the Altice Arena become one of the first arenas in Europe to be covered by this technology.

In 2022, highlights include:
- Capacity to support 150,000 devices simultaneously over the Wireless network;
- Around 50 km of network cable and optical fiber installed;
- Installation of more than 700 Wi-Fi antennas, 400 Access Points, and 300 switches throughout the event;
- Reinforcement of the 5G coverage at the Altice Arena and FIL.

In an action that involves more than 2 months of preparation and the involvement of a team of more than 160 employees, 100 of which are from the technical areas, the supervision of the entire fixed and mobile network will be carried out in two geographically redundant locations for monitoring the event.

In Altice Portugal's War Room, installed in loco in the venue, there will be a team ready to intervene immediately, in case of need, and which will be in permanent contact with the management and supervision center based in Picoas. There will be teams dedicated 24/7 to the supervision and monitoring of Wireless, TV, Wired, and Mobile networks and responsible for the performance of three kilometers of optical fiber and other 44 kilometers of network cables.

MEO and SAPOake the Web Summit everywhere

For four days, the biggest and best technology event on the planet will have a live broadcast of all sessions of the center stage, exclusively on MEO TV, enabling its customers to watch the event at home through their television service, by clicking on the blue button of the MEO remote control, or by selecting the Apps menu, or even at position 79 on the channel grid. This broadcast also provides the possibility of seeing the talks from the remaining stages later. App TV, available for free between 1 and 4 November, is available for all MEO ADSL and Fibre customers with MEOBox.

Web Summit will also have a media partnership with SAPO that will live cast the conferences on the center stage live on its homepage. Throughout the days of the event, there will be an exhaustive follow-up of all themes related to the event, with teams, dedicated full-time to content production, to be made available every minute in SAPO’s different editorial areas.​